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Ryan attends St. John Vianney and is taking Algebra II  - 3/6/2018

My son was struggling with Algebra II and although Marc has only worked with Ryan for a couple of weeks he has already helped him immensely. Marc made my son a better math student by making sure that he has a better fundamental understanding of the concepts and patiently going over the different steps to solving problems. My son enjoys working with Marc because he is patient and has a lot of energy.. Marc has done a great job because Ryan just received a 105 on his most recent math test

This message was sent to me by Kelika Chiane, a former student that I worked with at Brookdale Community College
I thank God for you Mr. Lemis... if it wasn't for you I would have never passed my math exam back when I went to Brookdale! You took the time off your busy schedule to meet with me (off the clock) to help me understand formulas and I will never forget it. I just want you to know I appreciate you!

Marc tutored me towards the end of my sophomore year for Honors Algebra II.  I needed to do well on my last two quizzes and on my final exam.  By studying with Marc, I increased my test scores significantly.  Additionally, he helped me develop a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of the concepts and theory of the math.  With his unique tutoring approach, I was able to do well on my final.  I would recommend Marc to any struggling student or anyone who wishes to improve their math skills.  Thanks, Marc, for all your help.


I tutored and worked with David throughout his High School (Manalapan) and Brookdale Community College days.  In the fall he will be attending the Business School at Rutgers.
 Marc has been my tutor all the way from my high school geometry class to college level pre calculus. I know that if I'm having a problem with math, the best choice is to call Marc. He has helped me achieve an excellent SAT score as well as catch up on many of my college finals. His style of teaching gives me the ability not only to understand the subject, but to actually be good at it and know how to use it. I would recommend Marc to anyone struggling with math or are looking to become better at it.


- David Sudit

I tutored and worked with Matt (Freehold High School ) in preparing him for the SAT.  

Mr. Lemis is an outstanding math tutor who understands how to maximize your child's ability to achieve the confidence to work through any math related problem. Marc worked with our son Matt to help him prepare for the college SAT.  He helped him increase his SATs score to the level where he was accepted to the school of his choice.  Our son is now attending George Washington University and has received over $25,000 in merit scholarships.   Marc has a unique perspective and command of the subject matter which enables him to tailor both the needs and academic ability of your child.   Mr. Lemis offers an exceptional service for any parent seeking the best one-on-one math tutor.

David Selick.

I have tutored Gianna for the past 3 years  (Eisenhower Middle School Freehold )

Marc is truly a gift to any student who needs extra support in math.  He has a way of simplifying even the most complex concepts and making them easy to understand.  My daughter has a new level of confidence thanks to Marc's enthusiasm and complete command of math at any level.  I canít say enough..(except Iím scared that the best kept secret will be out and he will be too busy!)  

Gina Salvato 

The email below was sent to the former Chairwoman of the Math Dept. at Brookdale Community College by one of the students that I tutored in Calculus.

Dear Ms. Linda Myers:

I'm writing to you because I wanted to tell you a bit about my experience with one of the tutors in the Math Lab, Marc Lemis.  I am 28 years old, and am in my second year of Business studies here at Brookdale.   One of my required classes is Calculus I, a subject I was very much apprehensive about studying.  After a hiatus of 8 years, doing advanced math has been a challenge, especially since it was never my strong point and it has been years since I have used any math skills beyond elementary algebra in daily life.  

Despite the significant lag I first exhibited with even the most rudimentary algebra skills, Marc has been unfailingly patient and helpful, never adding to the considerable stress I already had placed on myself while constantly pushing me to really learn and explore the concepts I am studying, rather than just memorizing.  I consider him to be a natural teacher, someone who not only knows the subject, but possesses the ability to transmit that knowledge to the student.  
His obvious passion for both math and the teaching of math comes through every time he helps me and I know for a fact that I would not have learned nearly as much this semester if it had not been for his help.  I also know from observation that he exhibits this same dedication to everyone he helps and that I am not the only student who has come away from his table feeling much more enlightened on a previously obscure subject.  I am very grateful that he was there to help me and I look forward to working with him in the future.  I wanted you to know about my experience because I like to give praise where it is due and because I am sure you would like to know who your most valuable assets are here at Brookdale.

Best regards,
Gil Bento

I have tutored Julie and Tim for the past 3 years ( Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II and SATs, Physics- they both attend Manalapan High School).

From algebra to physics Marc has gotten my kids through the rough patches.  He not only teaches, he cares about the kids.  I recommend him highly.

Ira Aronson


I prepared Erica for the SATs (Erica attends Marlboro High School ) she increased her score by 120 points.


Dear Marc,

     I am writing to you today regarding the positive experience my daughter, Erica had with you over the past year. 

     You actually made studying for the SATís fun for her. Your high energy and persistent nature really made each week a new adventure.  I truly appreciated the fact that you never looked at your watch while tutoring Erica.  If there was still work to accomplish then the clock did not stop and the learning did not end.  Also, I noticed that the first thing you ever said to Erica when arriving at my home was ," is there anything in your school work that you don't understand." The learning was not simply about the SAT's but also encompassed her everyday schoolwork.  In addition, you mentioned to her constantly that no matter when she needed you, you  were only a phone call away. 

     It is because of all the reasons mentioned above that I have and will continue to recommend you as a math tutor .  I truly appreciate all your hard work and efforts.


                               Thanks again,   Dina

I tutored John in Algebra II and prepared him for the SATs (John attended Marlboro High School  and scored 640 on the SATs) 

Mr. Lemis has been tutoring my son John, since he was taking Algebra II including preparing him for the SATs in high school.    Even though John now attends Penn State, he still calls on Mr. Lemis to help him out with the upper level Calculus courses.   Mr. Lemisí enthusiasm for math combined with his natural ability to convey and teach the subject has made my son to love math to the point that he is pursuing a technical degree at Penn State.  I would highly recommend Mr. Lemis on account that he not only truly cares about his pupil but has way of  simplifying and making math exciting. 


Mrs.  A. Eggolt





I tutored Michael Tancredi in his online Calculus course.


Hey Marc,
                  Once again thank you for helping me out this summer. For the record, I received a B+ as my final grade for the calculus class. My grade was not an  A because of the homeworks I tried to complete on my own.  In regards to the final exam the grade I received was 100 percent, so all were correct even the problems we were not too sure on. Attached is a short testimonial for your website. Thank You again for all your help, I will be sure to get in touch with you for any other math tutoring I may need.

"Without Mr. Lemisí help I would have not been able to successfully pass my online calculus course. Marc was very flexible with his time and went out of his way to accommodate my needs. I definitely recommend him as a tutor".


Michael Tancredi

(Architecture student at Roger Williams University




I have tutored Patrick for the past 2 plus years. He attends Christians Brothers Academy and taking Algebra II.


We have had the privilege of engaging Marc Lemis as a tutor for our son over the past 2 1/2 years.  Marc assists Patrick in preparing for regular tests and exams.  We have found that this helps Patrick get an "A" as opposed to a "B".  Marc is a "born teacher". He is enthusiastic, clear in his explanation, always on time, flexible and results oriented.

The tangible benefit has been an increased understanding of the subject matter for our son.   The intangible result is the respect our son has developed for Marc not only for his knowledge but for his values. Consequently, he has had a positive impact on us as a family and we value the relationship we have established with him.




I have tutored Denyse who attends Jersey City State College.


This is Denyse Greenidge you tutored me for my pre cal class. I got my grades and received an A- in the course. Thanks so much for all your help.

I tutored Joanna Locascio in College Algebra - she took the course on-line at Walden University.

Mr. Lemis exceeded my expectations as a math tutor. I was extremely anxious about having to take a College Algebra course required to earn my degree. It had been twenty years since I took algebra and knew I needed a Tutor to help me pass the class. I was very fortunate to have come across Mr. Lemisís ad in the Tri-town news.  From the first time I spoke to him on the phone I knew I was in good hands.  He put me at ease right from the beginning.   There was a great amount of material that I had never learned before beginning this class. Since it was an online course, I did not have the luxury of a physical instructor present to help me with certain concepts, Mr. Lemis taught me the formulas and rules necessary for me to get an understanding of the current material at hand and what I didnít remember he kept on reminding me. When I grew frustrated he was incredibly patient with me and very reassuring, always trying to instill in me the confidence that with his help I would get through the tremendous work load.  His method of working step by step with me through my homework allowed me to walk away feeling that I had the ability to make it through the semester.   He was always accessible, allowing me to call him anytime and very accommodating in terms of our meeting location and time. I will conclude by saying that I received an ďAĒ in my College Algebra class with the help of my exceptional tutor, Mr. Lemis.

I will definitely consider Mr. Lemis in the future should my kids need help in math. With his help, Iím sure they will be successful in their math endeavors.  I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs support or assistance in math.  I was very impressed with his ability and knowledge. I canít thank him enough for the time he dedicated to get me though my course.


                 Joanna Locascio



I tutored Arynn who attends Old Bridge High School in Honor's Algebra


Marc has a way of making Algebra easy.  His direct, uncomplicated explanations and relaxed approach helped my daughter understand the concepts that she wasnít getting from her teacher at school.  Marc was also very easy to deal with and flexible with his schedule which was helpful when we found out about math tests last minute.  Thank you MarcÖÖÖIím sure we will see you next school year for Geometry!!!

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